How does LED light enable the best viewing experience of games on the field?

LED lighting can be altered to come nearest to natural sunlight without any need to add glare or distort ultraviolet rays. Spectators who gather to view sporting games will enjoy the same feeling as if the games were played in a natural lighting environment and daylight hours.

Some of the national broadcasters have already switched over to the LED light and are able to create the best viewing experience for the spectators. Their shifts to LED lights are giving them windfalls in revenues with the added feature of significant enhancements in broadcast quality. The biggest gain for the LED lighting is that it contributed to the success of the London 2012 Olympics, specifically in the opening and closing functions.

LED light benefits at a glance:-

  • Enhances revenue stream
    With LAMDA’s LED lighting system, game organizers can customize lighting to suit any sport event. For instance, conducting more sporting events like Cricket, Football, and other sporting activities in night time will fetch in greater revenue.
  • High illumination
    One critical element of LED lighting is that it enables the precise depiction of colors for broadcast. Playing surfaces that are brightened with LED lights will look dazzling and crisper during the transmission of event.
  • LED lighting Vs. Conventional lighting
    The LED lighting holds a number of benefits when compared to conventional lighting. For instance, the LED lights are covered with a control system that allows switching on or dimming each floodlight separately. Adjustment of the dimming of the lights can be made from 1-100 % depending on the requirement during the stages of a game. Whereas mechanical shutters are needed to control the traditional lighting system.
  • Reduced Installation costs
    A significant amount can be saved towards the installation cost. More importantly, sports field need not be shut down for weeks together during the time when the old poles are replaced with new poles.
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions
    Unlike traditional lights, LED lighting can withstand cold- and hot-sensitive weather conditions, thereby making it ideal for use in big sporting events.

Conclusion: With the utilization of LED lighting products gaining a momentum in the country, more budding entrepreneurs are showing urge to make the most of fast evolving technology. Added to this, technology cost has come down significantly in the last 18 months so, pointing to a brighter scena

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