What makes Led lighting a better choice for public parks

Parks are common areas for the public to relax. Also, illuminating at night time alongside the pathways leading to the park is equally important. As such, public places require having a good amount of illumination level at night to stop crime and enhance safety.

It is essential that public parks are provided with all-around lighting system to make a safe and enjoyable environment for children. Along the fences, above slides and swings, as well as on the playing ground require adequate LED lighting.

Parking lots are yet another area that needs to be covered with proper lighting. Absence of parking facility without adequate lighting can result in accidents, especially in night time.

An LED light elevates the beauty of public parks in different ways such as:-

  • LED lighting Vs. Metal-halide lighting
    Unlike the traditionally used metal-halide lighting, led lights do not require warm-up time to start. This makes LED lights highly reliable for safety and protection of the public in parks. Coupled with this, LED lighting system will enhance the usability and aesthetics of the premises.
  • Quick and high brightness
    LED lights give absolute brightness quickly when switched on. Since they have the capacity to generate light spill and sky glow, they are ideal for public parks.
  • Environment-friendly
    LED lights are environment-friendly and do not consist of any kind of toxic material that mercury that could be harmful to the environment.
    Also, LED lights do not emanate ultraviolet light that attracts bugs.
    In addition to this, LED lights are easy to operate even in extremely hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Lifespan
    LED lights come with longer life and can run on a reduced voltage supply, such as solar power.
    Big parks such as the Cubbon Park, Buggle Rock Park in Bangalore are reaping the benefits after switching over to the LED lighting.

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