Aluminum Die Casting and Precision Machining Components

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Lamda’s Die casting components are produced from the latest machinery ranging from 250 tons to 420 tons. These are automated machines with auto ladle, auto spray and auto extractor. Lamda offers complete Die casting solution including shot blasting, vibro deburring, resin impregnation, precision machining, leak testing, painting and sub- assemblies.
  • Alternators, Starter Motors
  • Electric Motors
  • Textile Machinery
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Off-road Products
  • Automotive Vehicles (Two & four wheelers)
  • LED Lights, Door Closures
  • Electrical & House Hold Appliances
  • Pneumatic Products
  • Medical Equipment

Why choose Lamda for Die Casting and Precision Machining components?

Lamda Die Casting Process capabilities and Infrastructure

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