Portal axles (or portal gear lifts) are an off-road vehicle suspension and drive technology where the axle tube or the half-shaft is off-set from – usually above – the center of the wheel hub and where driving power is transferred to each wheel via a simple gearbox, built onto each hub. This gives two advantages: ground clearance is increased, particularly beneath the low-slung differential housing of the main axles — and secondly, any hub reduction gearing allows the axle half shafts to drive the same power but at reduced torque (by using higher shaft speed). This reduces load on the axle crown wheel and differential.


The portal axles will be more useful to the off road vehicles because the vehicle which is moving through the off road should have high ground clearances. The LAMDA Portal Axle can be used in both 4WD and 2WD vehicles. For example the LAMDA portal Axle can be used in 4×4 vehicle such as the vehicle which is used in Hilly Areas , Desert , Coastal regions etc, which will helpful to increase the ground clearance of the vehicle.


Increased ground clearance is probably the main reason why serious off-roaders choose to fit portal axles to their vehicles. The second reason is higher torque. Lamda’s Portal Axles reduce the probability and frequency of vehicle breakdown
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