LAMDA LED Street Lightings

LED Downlights Specifications

Housing & Frame. White powder coated pressure die-cast aluminum housing and frame with cooling fins for superior heat dissipation (black color optional)
High Transmittance, Low glare, Unbreakable Poly carbonate cover.
LED Used
LED Driver
Universal Input, High PF, Low THD, High efficiency Driver

Usage of LED downlights

Variants of LED Downlights

9, 12, 15 &18 Watts

We can customize based on client’s requirements

Advantages of LAMDA LED Street Lightings

Features of Lamda LED Street Lighting

Housing & Frame Epoxy grey powder coated single piece pressure die-cast ( PDC ) Alu. Alloy with “cooling fins” for superior heat dissipation.
High Transmittance, Unbreakable Poly carbonate cover. Fitted with high grade silicon rubber with IP ‐ 65 protection.
LED Used
LED Driver
Universal Input, High PF, Low THD, High efficiency Driver
Quality Certification
BIS certified
IP Classification
IP 65, Dust Proof/Rain Proof.

Applications: Where LAMDA LED Street Lightings are used?

LAMDA LED Variants

Lamda LED Lights can also be customized based on client’s requirement.

Lamda LED – Lighting up Rural India

Access to National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)


  • Lamda has good access to NABL accredited material testing labs from where the in-house materials are tested regularly.
  • Apart from our other measuring instruments, there is an in-house profile projector and photometer for roughness testing.

Striking Aspects of LED Lights

  • Eco- friendly: LED lights are very Eco-friendly as they don’t contain any toxic materials harmful to the environment. Interestingly, they are also very easily cycled (recyclable). They’ll help you minimize wastage of any electricity and above all carbon footprint.
  • Flexibility: : LEDs are accessible in various hues giving you full control of how an area is lit. There is no other lighting option that is so inventively customizable.
  • Safety: LED light produces far less heat than traditional lighting methods, doing far less damage to the fixture itself. Led Street lights should be directing the light downward onto the roadway reducing the amount of light that is directed into anyone in the car.
  • Energy efficiency: : LED Lighting features have a much better energy efficiency. With traditional incandescent light bulbs, who operate at 20% energy efficiency only, 80% of the electricity is lost as heat.

Why Lamda?

  • ISO:14001:2015 and IATF-16949:2016 company with high quality standards
  • Ability and willingness to make housings specific to client requirements
  • High quality pressure die-cast aluminum housing and frame
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